Hopalong cassidy RIDES AGAIN

In 1935 the first Hopalong Cassidy film was produced by Paramount Pictures starring a 40-year old actor named William Bill Boyd. Over the next 20 years Hopalong Cassidy and Boyd became an iconic fixture in the lives of American movie goers, particularly young people who joined his fan club and collected his merchandise IN RECORD NUMBERS. The Hoppy Creed of behavior is as relevant today as it was when Hoppy and his white horse Topper paraded across America. During that span, 66 original movies were made along with 52 television episodes, 104 radio shows and hundreds of comic books; a library and collection that has been preserved in pristine condition and been identified by the film archivist as a “National Treasure.”  The entire collection of film, digital, and collectible merchandise IS OWNED AND MANAGED by U.S. Television Office, Inc.

In 2020, 100 years after Bill Boyd first worked in Hollywood as a bit actor, the character and stories of this legendary lawman are still being enjoyed by viewers on STARZ, ME-TV, Amazon and on DVD. These licenses along with timeless merchandise have built a solid foundation to relaunch the Hopalong Cassidy brand as Hopalong Cassidy Rides Again.